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Posted: 06/29/2016 1:29 PM
 The recent hail storm in Bismarck creates a great buying opportunity for nearly 500 vehicles with hail damage for sale in the Bismarck area.

We've grouped these vehicles into a special search using the hashtag "#hail".   Just search BisManOnline for this hashtag, or use the following link to browse and filter hailed vehicles and campers for sale.

Here are just a few available right now on BisManOnline


See all the hail damaged vehicles with the hashtag "#hail".   Just search BisManOnline for this hashtag, or use the following link to browse and filter hailed vehicles and campers for sale:

Posted: 01/20/2016 10:31 AM
We have made a change in the way that Rentals are displayed on BisManOnline and this may affect your current listing depending on how you originally setup your price.

What has changed?

Ad Posting

ALL real estate rentals, if including a price, MUST be the Monthly Rent / Lease amount for the property that you are renting.

When placing new listings, the post ad page will clearly reflect this fact when entering your price.

In addition, for Commercial Property, we have added an additional option for "Price per Square Foot" in which you may enter, if you wish, the per square foot pricing.   However, please note the the primary price field still requires you to enter a total Monthly price

Ad Viewing / Browsing

The ads in the category and search listings, as well as on your detailed listing page will reflect the price as " / Month".   This gives the user a clearer view of each ad and what the monthly rental amount is.


What action should you take?

For most users, no action is required as we have taken the price that you entered into your listing and automatically reflected it as a monthly price.

If NO price was entered and you had previously selected any of "Make Offer","Contact Us" or "Multiple Prices" - then your price field will stay the same.

However - IF you entered a price into your listing that was not a Monthly price, you will need to log on to BisManOnline, edit your listing in the Member Center, and change your price to reflect the proper Monthly Amount.

Visit the Member Center


If you have questions on this change, please contact Customer Support at the following link:

Thank you,

The BisManOnline Team.

Posted: 12/19/2013 2:55 PM

As modern technology becomes increasingly available, more and more people gain access to the internet around the world. Unfortunately, that can also make it easier for individuals to use websites solely to contact individuals for unscrupulous purposes. Our Technology Security Team takes pride in the extensive measures set in place to prevent these individuals from wrongfully using BisManOnline, but there are some things that only you can do to make yourself even safer.

  • Don’t use PayPal for shipping or with user-to-user transactions on BisManOnline (PLEASE NOTE: This excludes secure ad upgrades, etc. purchased directly from
  • If you feel comfortable sending an item out of country, be sure to put tracking or insurance on your package or use certified mail
  • If a buyer is saying they will pay you more than the asking price for any reason, they are likely attempting to scam you
  • Do not include your phone number or your e-mail address in the description of your ad. Doing so allows unregistered individuals view your contact information and attempt to initiate a scam
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable about a buyer attempting to purchase your item, cease communication with them
  • Never provide your mobile activation code to anyone, ever. It is a major security risk and a scammer may then register accounts using your phone number
  • You should NEVER have to create an additional BisManOnline account, or provide your existing account information, to receive payment for an item, under any circumstance
  • Typically, you will never be contacted by a BisManOnline employee unless you have contacted us first by website contact form or telephone
  • BisManOnline employees will NEVER initiate contact with you via text or e-mail to request your account information (i.e. password, mobile number or activation code, etc.). DO NOT provide any of your information to these individuals!
  • BisManOnline employees will also NEVER contact you to request you create an account and then send them the information for that account. Do not ever comply with a request from any third party to do this
  • There is NO third party security and fraud division for the internet that is in any way affiliated with BisManOnline. Any individual who claims this, and is requesting your account information, should be ignored or reported to a BisManOnline administrator

Our Technology Security Team is always working to make sure BisManOnline is as safe and enjoyable as possible for all our members, but in the end, it’s up to you make the difference. If you ever experience anything you are uncomfortable with, contact us first with all relevant information by clicking the link below.

Posted: 05/17/2013 2:04 PM
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Posted: 05/14/2013 3:02 PM
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Combine BisManOnline and Your Phone Into One Powerful Tool!
BisManOnline doesn't just make finding a great deal easier, we also make posting ads easier. Whether you're at home on your computer or on the go with your mobile phone (compatible with Android and iPhone 4 and 5), you can take pictures and send them directly to your BisManOnline Member Directory for creating your next ad. Here's six easy steps to set up your mobile phone for this great feature!
Step 1.) First, make sure you're logged into your BisManOnline account, this will allow you to continue to the next step. By clicking on the settings icon in the upper-right corner, you will be brought to the account settings page in your Member Center.
Step 2.) Next, you will want to select the "Mobile Account Settings" shown on the right.  
Step 3.) Once you've done that, you'll be taken to the next step. Here, you'll want to click the button "Enable Mobile for my Account." This will let you not only allow you to complete mobile photo uploads as shown in this guide, but other things like text notifications from BisManOnline.

You'll also want to enter the phone number for the mobile phone you plan to use. After you select your mobile phone provider, click "Submit" to continue.
Step 4.) The next page will have a variety of mobile options that are available to you. In this case, you'll want to click the "Mobile Settings" link outlined in blue.  
Step 5.) At this point, you'll arrive at the Mobile Photo Uploads page. At this point, you will want to click the text in blue shown to the right that says "Generate a Mobile Upload Email Address." This will create a unique email address that is specific to your BisManOnline account. Once you've clicked this, the page will update with your new mobile upload email address.  
Step 6.) Now that you have your new mobile upload email address which is tied into your BisManOnline membership, you can begin any time. 

There is text below your new address which details how to complete the process of uploading photos with your mobile phone. As indicated on the right, simply save the generated address to your phone's contacts and simply text any desired pictures to this contact. Your BisManOnline member center will receive this picture in a matter of minutes and you will be ready to start posting your ad!

Posted: 05/13/2013 2:12 PM
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Save a Thousand Words: 4 Easy Steps to Posting Photos with BisMan Ads
How's that saying go, "A Picture is worth a thousand words"? But these days, who has time to write a thousand words? Here's how to make your item sell in a hurry by uploading pictures with your ad, the easy way. Oh, and if you already know how to post an ad on BisManOnline, feel free to skip to the next section.

After logging in, click the "Post An Ad - Free" button below your member options in the upper-left hand corner of the site.
Step 1.) Enter the ad title (something catchy or descriptive), ad description, asking price and select the ad type before clicking "Continue to Next Step."

Step 2.) Select the category that best fits your item.

Step 3.) Select the relevant ad options for your item.
All right, if you're gotten this far, you either read the pevious three steps or know how by heart how to post an ad on BisManOnline. Step four is where the magic happens. When it comes to posting photos, you have a few options, so let's talk about them quick. 
You'll see there's several main buttons on the photo upload page (Step 4). One says "Choose Files," another says "Upload Photo" and the biggest says "I'm finished uploading photos." The "Choose files" button is what will let you choose which photo you want to upload from your computer or mobile phone (Android-based or iPhone 4 and 5). Usually, unless you saved them somewhere specific, most photos saved to the computer go to "My Documents" or "Downloads" by default. Most mobile phones, on the other hand, will have a photo gallery you can select images from. If you don't prefer that, you can send images taken with your compatible mobile phone directly to your BisManOnline Member Center inbox and upload them from there. Pretty cool, huh? 

Simply select the photo you want to upload and click the "Upload Photo" button. You'll then see a preview of the image you uploaded. You can do this for a total of 3 photos unless you select the option to upgrade the ad to provide additional photos. Once you've uploaded all the photos you desire or are limited to, you can choose which photo is the main photo that everyone sees first when viewing your ad. After that, just click the "I'm finished uploading photos" button and you're on your way to selling your item!

Posted: 04/12/2013 12:25 PM
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How to Post a Great Vehicle Ad on BisManOnline

It doesn’t take an economist to realize that used vehicles are a hot commodity these days. Around 677,081 eligible cars were taken off the road in 2009 during the Cash for Clunkers program. That, combined with production reductions due to the tsunami in Japan and the economic slowdown, used cars are in short supply. This scarcity, along with aggressive incentive programs, has caused the price gap between new and used cars has narrowed more than ever. Many private party sellers have responded by selling their used vehicles to budget-minded buyers.

BisManOnline is one of the greatest tools you can use to sell your used vehicle in our region. In fact, many sellers have told us that they’ve sold vehicles in a matter of several days or even hours! Whether your desired market is the BisMan area, Bakken region or even western Minnesota, BisManOnline can help you out. If your goal is to sell your vehicle as quickly as possible, here are some great tips and suggestions we’ve gathered from our members.

Use An Attention-Grabbing Ad Title

There are literally thousands of listings in the Automobile category, with hundreds of private party listings in cars, trucks and SUVs respectively. One of the best things you can do is give your ad a chance to stand out. Whether it’s a little bit of humor or just a great feature your car has (an accessory, low mileage or just great maintenance), be sure to use this to your advantage. If it’s important to you, it’s probably important to your potential buyer.
Good examples of attention-grabbing ad titles using upgrades

To help you with this, BisManOnline also offers you a variety of ad upgrades that will help your listing catch the buyer’s eye. Of course, you want to be sure your ad is being seen by the right audience. Someone looking for a fuel-sipping commuter probably isn’t looking for a three quarter ton pick-up truck, so be sure to place your listing in the right category.

Take The Time to Write a Great Description

This goes back to what we mentioned above. If you have a great car, it’s easy to think of all the details that will make a great description too. Try to be thorough and specific about maintenance that has been done, if it is in good condition (even things like the tires), what the mileage is, if you have the title, recent maintenance and so on. Remember, this is your chance to “sell” the vehicle to your potential buyer before they even see it, so every detail matters, which includes making it easy to read (i.e. no caps). The time you take now to include useful information will not only cause more people to contact you, but it will save you time later on because questions they might ask have already been answered by your ad. On the flip side, this is probably a good time to fess up about any condition issues the vehicle may have. That includes cosmetic problems, inside and out, but also maintenance it may need right away to be safe or drivable. In the end, excluding important information wastes your time, and the buyer’s, when they come to see your vehicle and end up upset or disappointed and leave.

Think About the Price

One thing you can do to guarantee your car will be listed for sale longer than you prefer is to forget to do the homework on your asking price. A good rule of thumb is to look up the private party retail on sites like Kelley Blue Book as a reference. Chances are your potential buyers will be researching the asking price online to see if it’s appropriate for the age, condition, mileage, etc. Another good idea is to see what price range similar vehicles are listed for on BisManOnline. It’s worth making sure to check how long they’ve been listed, because that might mean the asking price is more than the market is willing to pay. If the price being asked is above the market threshold, the seller may have tried reducing the price and updating his or her listing to show this. Some buyers have told us they have gotten frustrated with because sellers are accidentally using NADA dealer retail as their asking price. Be sure to check what type of market the price you’ve looked up is intended for.

Be Thorough

When you have reach Step 3 on BisManOnline’s ad posting procedure, try to include all the information you can. Again, this is a great way to save time for you and your potential buyers. Try to be accurate about the current mileage, transmission, drivetrain (FWD, AWD, etc), what accessories your vehicle has and so on. Although a particular feature like a sunroof or manual transmission may not seem worth mentioning to you, it could be a deciding factor for someone looking at your ad. 

Use Your Photos Wisely

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. In this case, it may be worth a thousand dollars or more. Thankfully, BisManOnline allows you to upload three photos for free. Be sure to include pictures of the “big three” when it comes to the photos you upload. Try to get a good quality profile picture of your car to use as the main ad image, so people get an idea of its condition and best features. The second picture you will want to include is a picture of the interior.

Ideally, you want to take a picture through the driver’s door, so people can see the condition of the front seats where they’ll be spending most of their time. It also gives you a chance to show off a clean dash or instrument panel. The third picture can be used for whatever else you think will help sell your vehicle. A photo of tires with a lot of tread remaining, a clean engine bay, a beneficial accessory like a winch or brush guard are all examples of a picture that really builds value for your vehicle. Whenever possible, try to use actual pictures of your vehicle, not stock images. A stock image is about as helpful as having no pictures at all. 


Be the Salesman You’d Want to Deal With

Have you ever dealt with a car salesman or even a private party seller that doesn’t return your calls, texts or e-mails? Maybe you’ve dealt with someone who wasn’t very helpful when you asked questions or was unfriendly in person. Even if you’ve taken all of the advice before this, there’s still one last thing you need to do if you really want to sell your vehicle. It may sound ridiculous, but people aren’t just buying your car, they’re buying into you, too. People tend not to believe what you tell them about your car’s history, maintenance and condition (whether it’s true or not) if they don’t feel comfortable with you first. Do your best to be friendly, helpful and accommodating throughout the process of selling your vehicle. That includes things like answering questions to the best of your knowledge, responding to messages and missed calls or voicemails in a timely manner, or just being friendly when they come by to see your vehicle. When your car is sold, remember to remove the ad so you don’t continue to get calls about it. You can even leave a comment for BisManOnline. In the end, just keep the Golden Rule in mind and your car will be heading down the road with a new buyer behind the wheel.

Even though this article refers to selling your used car, truck or SUV, these pointers also apply to selling just about anything on BisManOnline. The next time you want to sell your vehicle with us, try to keep these suggestions in mind and the experience sure to be pleasant and successful for both parties. If you found this helpful, please like BisManOnline and share this article with a friend or family member on Facebook!

Posted: 04/02/2013 10:38 AM
Many cellphones today will upload a photo to BisManOnline but the orientation of the photo may be incorrect depending on the cellphone and how you were holding the phone when you took the photo

After the photo has uploaded.   You may rotate them by editing your ad in the member center and clicking on "Photos" 

(Member Center -> My Ads -> Click Modify on the ad you wish to edit) - Then click "Photos"

In your photo list, there are 2 buttons for rotating.   Clicking (or tapping on Mobile) each button will rotate your photo 90 degrees to either the left or the right.

Posted: 02/04/2013 12:16 PM

What happens to traffic and ad views on Super Bowl Sunday? - We wanted to find out, so we compared the hourly traffic of a Normal Sunday with that from Yesterday's Super Bowl Sunday.

The results show - During the Super Bowl, some of you gave up on your BisManOnline addiction for a few hours to cheer for your favorite team.  (although.... We would like to point out, a bunch of you must have been still using your cell phones and tablets to browse BisMan during the game)

We did see an interesting traffic spike right around Half Time - So, some of you skipped out on Beyonce in order to get your BisMan fix in.

The below chart shows the Hourly traffic.   Notice the dip around 4:00pm as you are all getting ready for your Super Bowl Parties, and the nice spike after 9:00 as you realized you hadn't been on BisMan in over 5 hours and had to get some browsing in right before bedtime.